Learning Content Authoring

Learning Content Authoring
 Lecture capture provides students with a passive learning experience.  Taking lecture capture, and converting it into a learning content module moves it into an active learning experience.  From creating interactive tutorials to guided case studies, Learning Content Modules are a great way for instructors to build active learning into flipped and blended classrooms.
The authoring tools below can help instructors build Learning Content Modules.  Their ease of use and cost varies, and most of them will help you create SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model ) compliant modules that can be added to an LMS.  SCORM compliance is needed in order for module completion to be registered by your LMS (either as a grade or a task completion).


Microsoft Learning Content Development System

This is a free content authoring system that is incredibly easy to use.  If you have made PowerPoint slides, you can rapidly make a Tutorial (Learning Object).  Strongly recommended if you want to try your hand at making a tutorial.  Even after you get started, you may find yourself coming back to this often.  Creates SCORM Compliant modules.

Xerte is a Learning Content Authoring System developed by the University of Nottingham


A free learning object authoring system developed by the University of Nottingham, UK.  The biggest stumbling block is getting use to the interface.  Give yourself more time to learn how to make effective tutorials.  Creates SCORM Compliant modules.


Adobe Captivate

NOT FREE!  Powerful, but cumbersome. There are far more features than can be found in the previous two, but there is a longer learning curve.  Recommended for people with more experience, and who want to create slick learning objects.  There are lots of options that can distract novices.

ToolBook logo_top

ToolBook by Sum Total System

NOT FREE!  Incredibly powerful, expensive, and far too time consuming for most teachers.  This is a great product if you have people who are going to dedicate time to building incredibly slick learning objects.  I would not recommend this for teachers/instructors, but would recommend for those IT people working in instructional design.  SCORM requires some coding, and I never got the final module to integrate into D2L or MOODLE (with time, I think I could have figured it out).