Learning Tools

There are a large number of teaching tools out on the web.  Below are categories of learning tools that will take you to pages with specific tools.  You will find links and comments about each tool.

These tools are designed to help you build Online Learning Content (tutorials and guided case studies) that can be added to an LMS.  Online learning content provides an active learning component to flipped classes.  Instead of passively reviewing a lecture capture (video or audio), the student must engage and interact with the content.  This page contains authoring tools that I have tried.

AKA Audience response system, Student response system or Learner response system.  These are systems that engage students in active learning by having them respond in real time to questions posed by the instructor.  Questions can be embedded in presentations or spontaneously asked.  This page currently focuses on Web-Enabled Learning Response Systems.  Some of the tools on this page I have tried, while others I worked on, but never got to use in class.

Content and Digital Curation

Collecting, maintaining and preserving learning content, especially in the Web 2.0+ environment, is daunting.  Luckily there are a number of services that can help both teachers and students.  There are many different services, so be careful not to allow curation to become a trap.  Pick the ones that best serve your class needs.

Screen and Lecture Capture

A major task in flipping a class is providing students with course instruction outside of class.  Screen and lecture capture tools are a great way for instructors to develop asynchronous learning opportunities.