The Biology Online Learning Opportunities site supports classes taught by Robert Maxwell, Ph.D., at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA.  Visitors are welcome!


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    An introduction to cell and molecular biology, with further emphasis on scientific thought, scientific writing, ecology and evolution.

    Everyone is welcome to join as a learner.  Only GSU students earn institutional credit, and there are some assignments that are GSU only.  Non-GSU learners are welcome participate in open content, and can achieve the "Apprentice Biology" badge for content completion.  Visitors are not allowed to add comments or rate discussions.

    Fundamental Microbiology Lab (non-biology majors)

    This course covers is an introduction to infectious disease agents of significance in individual and community health settings. The characteristics, symptoms, diagnosis, control, and treatment of infectious diseases will be considered.  While open to all students, the primary audience for this course are students seeking entry into one of the allied health programs, such as nursing.  GSU students enrolled in this course are eligible for GSU credit.

    This course is open to anyone who wishes to learn about microbiology.  External students are not eligible for GSU credit, but individuals who complete the course can earn badges to show objective completion.

    GSU Students Only

    Microbiology Laboratory. Prerequisites: Biol 3810 and Biol 3880 (or concurrently) with grades of C or higher, or equivalents. Three laboratory hours a week. Techniques of cultivation, quantitation, isolation, and identification of microorganisms with emphasis on bacteria; effects of physical and chemical agents.

    Visitors We welcome visitors, but as this is a hands-on, skills based class, there are no badges awarded to non-GSU learners.

    GSU Students Only

    Genetics Laboratory. Prerequisites: Biol 3810 and Biol 3900 (or concurrently) with grades of C or higher. Three laboratory hours a week. Experiments demonstrating concepts in genetics.


    Visitors are welcome to stop by and look over the course.  As this is a hands-on, skills based course, no badges will be provided for non-GSU participants.